mercredi, mai 23, 2007

LinkedIn, The World, France, Germany, India and China

OK, LinkedIn is the 1st worldwide and in Europe BUT not in Germany and France.

Germany and France are still important markets and still love to speak their respective national language. Actually they not only love to speak it, but a sizeable part of french and german people do not speak any other language and they live and work very happily.

That's why, it is my feeling that whatever the size LinkedIn will reach, both Xing and Viadeo will keep an advantage in France and Germany.

By the way, I think there is definetely a place for a chinese speaking social networking site, and that's why Viadeo made an alliance with one of them... No place though for an indian speaking social networking site as many languages are spoken in India and english is the common language. India is using LinkedIn!

Read also my previous post Are French and German not interested in "social networking"?

By the way, I'm an open networker and welcome all invitations on LinkedIn, Viadeo and Xing.

I use Viadeo for France (4000+ 1st level contacts), LinkedIn for the world (12000+ 1st level contacts) and Xing for german speaking countries (1000+ 1st level contacts). I am not speaking chinese fluently enough to invite you to connect on a chinese social networking site :-(

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