mardi, novembre 28, 2006

Are French and German not interested in “social networking”?

I have several thousands of 1st level LinkedIn connections who gave me access to about 55% of the total LinkedIn users. Like you, I can see the top 5 locations where my network is the most developed.

In my network, the top 5 locations are: UK 8%, Bay area 7%, NY 6%, France 4% and Netherland 4%. Germany does not even appear.

UK, Germany and France have roughly the same population around 60 millions. Netherland have less than 20 millions inhabitants a third of the population of the above countries.

So are are french and german not interested in “social networking”?

The truth is that germans and frenchs are as much interested in social networking as other western countries, but they are using other networking social sites than LinkedIn.

Germans use Xing (ex-OpenBC) and frenchs use Viadeo (ex-Viaduc).

750 000 french people are on Viadeo whether 300 000 are on LinkedIn.

If you want to reach french and german people today, you also have to be present on Xing and Viadeo.

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Anonyme a dit… networking site social

Kurt A. Tasche a dit…

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T.Deslivres a dit…

You have very interesting points, Eric. It could be indeed that the French are not interested in networking...But I couldn't help but notice that France is the first non-English speaking country in your LinkedIn list ! Maybe language, not social networking, is the problem. Besides, one mustn't forget that there still is a "generation gap" between workers when it comes to computer litteracy. All this would be very nice material for a more in-depth investigation, don't you think ?