lundi, mai 07, 2007

LinkedIn is growing its user base in India

I am one of the 50 most connected users in LinkedIn. Lately I have seen a trend where my network in India is one of those that grow the fastest .

What is unusual here is that usually the fastest growers are also the the biggest as UK, NY or the bay. But this is not the case for India which is below 4% but may soon appear in the top 5 areas in terms of LinkedIn users.

In Basic LinkedIn Users Radioscopy I explain why my network may be similar to the entire LinkedIn user base.

PS: I heavily "invested" in terms of connection effort towards India because I'm in love with this country/continent and I think it is an area of growth in many areas.

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WrightHandBlogger a dit…

Nice article, Eric.

It makes a lot of sense that Linkedin would grow its user base in India.

Have you checked out

I started that group 2 years ago because I thought India made a lot of sense for Linkedin to focus on even back then in 2005.

Hey, I realize Linkedin India's second anniversary is coming up on May 24, 2007! - So, stop by an introduce yourself, ok?