mardi, juin 27, 2006

Dinosaurs demise Part IV: epitaph

We talked about dying dinosaurs and mummies in the previous chapter.

Where do you find dinosaurs remnants and mummies today?

You usually find them in museum.

I invite you to visit the mega-networker museum where you will find these dinosaurs or mummies.

We’re talking about web stuff, so it’s an online museum.

Let’s surf at This is a brother museum from the one I wrote about in part I.

Here comes the curator: Marc Freedman already expelled from LinkedIn top50.

Have a look at the 1st display:

Here, Marc Freedman curator, reintegrated the LinkedIn place he lost in this already dusty museum.

If this display was complete (this is a half empty museum) you should see Marjan Bolmeijer. Marjan is an already discouraged mega-networker, refusing to play the networking game, that is to transmit requests. She is an already inactive/mummified mega-networker.

This is the common fate of mega-networker, as they don’t see any interest of being a mega-networker anymore, they let their network die and with themselves some of their direct connections.

Let’s now have a look at the 2nd display:

Only one pathetic person trying to still have the sacred online networking fire: myself.

Here is the epitaph: “Tell the king the ornately designed temple has collapsed. Phoebus no longer has a home, nor a mantic laurel, nor a talking spring. The babbling water has run dry.”

This epitaph was first uttered in year 362 AD by Delphi Oracle concerning its own demise. This was the end of classical greek culture, a foundation of the modern western world.

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So you believe to be the only one ???
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