mardi, juin 27, 2006

Dinosaurs demise Part III: Konstantin, kill’em all!

Konstantin, please, find here my 2 cents advices to complete LinkedIn evolution towards the ultimate online business networking tool. Now you should specifically implement steps 3 and 4 detailed below.

3rd step : enforce the no email policy (summer 2008).

goal is to earn money.

Having it’s email visible is kind of having a free “personal plus” account. You can be contacted by everyone but freely.

Make people pay for visibility!

4th step: take off the “sort by number” search option (december 2008).

Goal is to just kill the mega-networkers and definitely get rid of those pests.

if you take off the “sort by number” search option, mega-networkers are now undistinguishable from any regular user. They can’t compare their connection numbers between each other and thus they lose one of their motivation that set thenm apart from the regular user.

It will probably be like the unthinkable catastrophe that destroyed dinosaurs millions years ago. Mega-networkers will slowly wither and return to ashes or at least be mummified.

Now that LinkedIn is enforcing its rules and that there is no user annoyance problem let’s see in part IV the destiny of the mummified mega-networkers.

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Frédéric Terreur a dit…

Pests ?
Who are you to treat others like this ?