mercredi, juin 21, 2006


This is an introduction to a serie of 4 articles about LinkedIn past, present and future complex relations with “mega-networkers”.

Glossary: a widely accepted definition is that Linkedin mega-networkers have, nowadays, thousand(s) of 1st level connections.

Audience for these articles is:
• LinkedIn administrators
• Mega-networkers, less than 0.1% of LinkedIn audience (but they are more active and visible than average LinkedIn users)
• Web historians and web ethnographs

If you’re not matching one of these 3 categories, DON’T READ THESE ARTICLES. You will lose your time and wonder how people can be so weird.

The plan is the following:

Part I: how LinkedIn ruled them all
LinkedIn early relations with mega-networking

Part II: mega-networker twilight
LinkedIn recent and current relations with mega-networking

Part III: Konstantin, kill’em all!
My 2 cents advice to LinkedIn administrators for the near future of LinkedIn.

Part IV: epitaph
“Tell the king the ornately designed temple has collapsed. Phoebus no longer has a home, nor a mantic laurel, nor a talking spring. The babbling water has run dry.”

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