samedi, mai 01, 2021

World mapped crypto metaverse - managing diverging interests part II: Jerusalem / unresolved real world controversies

 This is  the 2nd blog post of a series about OVR, a virtual land different from other metaverses. It is different because it maps above the physical world and this has many implications due to human psychology.

There are many land conflicts in the real world which are called wars. Hopefully (or not?), they should be solved by contract in the crypto metaverses.

However some controversial sites, even if they exist in land nominally at peace, are controversial or highly controversial. Jerusalem is the most obvious one where 3 religions inerests and holy landmarks collide. While religion is always a big part of the controversies linked to these sites, history also always plays a role in the story.

Jerusalem holy sites area is "locked" today by OVR management, and this is good.

The answer to the question: Is total building freedom something that should be wished? is obviously a big NO!

Each site needs specific attention, policy & diplomacy, that will not apply to other controversial sites, but the subject can already be discussed.


Usually, millenaries ago, a group of people assigned a specific meaning to a site and erected a landmark on it. Then centuries later, another group of invaders erected another landmark at the same place as a way to make visible their power & truth. 

But the original group didn't disappear and still hold the place as an important part of their culture today.

Discussion as a list of open questions

Who should decide what to build?

In the crypto metaverse, contractually, the owner decides what to build. 
Morally, the decision of what to do with the building should be a collective decision.

Should a vote be held? 

  • On what basis should the electoral college be built?
  • What would be the the place made for the minority?

Should there be a menu at the entry of the building enabling the visitor to see the building she wants?
Should there be alternative days or hours with different featured huildings?

  • With building ratios based on vote?

Let the local people decide?

  • Who are local people in a metaverse?
    • Surrounding lands owners?
    • Local physical world inhabitants?

Should the controversy be solved?

Why not leaving the site empty as a sign that crypto world acknowledges physical world issues and doesn't consider it can solve all issues?

Tentative list of controversial sites

Jerusalem, Hagia Sophia, Ayodhya, Yasukuni shrine, Hebron's cave of the Patriarchs.

mardi, avril 06, 2021

World mapped crypto metaverse - managing diverging interests part I: Macao / virtual local governance

 This is  the first blog post of a series about OVR a decentralized augmented reality world. OVR is fundamentally different from other metaverses in that it maps above the physical world and this has many implications.

OVR is still in its infancy and there are a whole lot of unanswered questions and possible solutions.

Open OVR questions

When exploring lands with OVR interface, rivers, roads and buildings plus road can be seen with their real-world names. This throws up some interesting questions:

  • What is the freedom that will be left to owners to build an environment? 
  • Can someone buying all hexagons across the fifth avenue, build a wall and be able to block traffic?
  • Can an owner build a virtual building outside the boundaries defined in the hex in the real world?
  • Is total building freedom something that should be encouraged or forbidden?

This post was written early in my discovery of augmented reality and I now better grasp what could be the answers: there are no definite answers.

Exploring answers

  • What is the freedom that will be left to owners to build an environment? 
    • If we look at what is happening in Decentraland, there is total freedom inside the hex up to a certain height. Having many contiguous hexes increase allowed height. 
    • But Decentraland is a VR world while OVR is an AR world.
  • Can someone buying all hexes across the 5th avenue, build a wall and be able to block traffic?
  • Can an owner build a building outside the boundaries defined in the hex in the real world?
    • Let's suppose that this is the case... Regarding walls, it's possible to teleport anyway. Regarding whatever you want in your hex: we're in digital world. As long as it doesn't promote hatred or unlawful digital attitudes, it should be fine.
  • Is total building freedom something that should be wished?
    • If a bunch of hexes is alone in the wild, I guess it's OK.

But what about places where several stakeholders are involved with diverging interests?

From there, 2 different types of possible conflicts should be distinguished:
  • When deep cultural or string religious feelings are involved that will be addressed in a later post, i.e. jew religious landmarks, churches, mosques @ Jerusalem.
  • When some financial is at stake like a famous commercial street such as the fifth avenue in New York or Macao casinos.

Macao Casinos on Cotai

Why casinos in specific places have big potential on OVR

What is missing on Decentraland Casinos though? Some connection with the real world. this physical and emotional connection is brought by OVR with Las Vegas & Macao locations. 

Success of a place as Macao most probably needs some kind of governance in order to offer the visitor:
  • Unity, towards the same goal: gambling. I guess it's obvious and doesn't need any governance, but some sort of rules such as agreeing on not promoting internet sex is needed? 
  • Diversity (same as physical world where several casinos are installed).
  • Accessibility (move between different sites without constant teleportation)
How can this be achieved?
  • Another contract supported by another layer of ERC20 coin? 
  • Activate a new organisation on
  • Begin to organize Macao at "OVR land level" . "OVR land level" means use what is available and known today in OVR land.

Organize Macau at "OVR land level" in 4 steps.

  1. Make sure some streets with continuity allowing access to various lands without any walls. I built some of those streets in Macao : status- started
  2. Advertising for Macao: status - started with this post
    • In the real world, Macao,is far ahead of Las Vegas in terms of gambling revenue.
    • While in OVR the Las Vegas strip is almost already 90% owned, Macao land is still 95% available. 
  3. Buy lands in Las Vegas : status- started
    • to display advertising boards for Macao
    • to install one way teleportation machines to Macao

Casinos on OVR land are starting their history!

Given the OVR land management open questions. Let's be proactive to make sure that Macao consumer's experience is superior.