lundi, décembre 27, 2010

Chinese language to dominate the internet

What is interessant in the format of this visualization is earth at the center that stresses the fact that we are talking about world wide statistics.

We can also notice how internet growth in China is presented as a subset of the first graph.

jeudi, décembre 09, 2010

How to conduct a braimstorming session

Before brainstorming session:
·         Define a one sentence clear and focused objective.
·         Choose participants
o    Select a diverse and eclectic team
o    assign leader role (who is also a timekeeper)
o    assign script role (to write ideas on whiteboard)
·         Prepare material
o    whiteboard
o    clean wall
o    lots of post-it notes and markers

During actual brainstorming session:
1.     Write the one sentence clear and focused objective on white board
2.     Let wild ideas flowing
·         script writes ideas as they come on another whiteboard (meanwhile ideas are also written on post-it notes)
·         probably ideas will start with the most rational ones, but don't stop at the 1st good idea that comes, spend more time than you think, letting people write and post their ideas
3.     Classify/group ideas written on post-it notes by main topic
4.     Precise/detail main objective in SMART statements
5.     Remove ideas that cannot fit SMART objective 
6.     Vote on remaining ideas
  1. Assign actions items to follow on most promising ideas