lundi, juin 18, 2007

Interview questions

The best hiring questions list I know is available in files
HRinterviewquestions.doc at
I use some of them as an interviewer...

"Un bon post" en français: Comment trouver un emploi de conseiller aux ventes...

mercredi, juin 13, 2007

What will be the successor of the current user (professional) profile in online networks?

This question has been asked in LinkedIn Q&A forum Ronald Wopereis.

Ronald Wopereis asks: "Currently every major online social and/or business network has this concept called "user profile". The information inside such profile would hardly be considered factual by any news reporter or judge. Clearly, our presentation of ourselves is biased, aimed at offering a certain kind of contact while at the same time making sure that our shadow elements are left out as "not really relevant at this stage of relationship building".

In my theory of attention, and following Spinoza's comments 300 years ago that mind and body are two perspectives on one and the same area, i see a future where software usage is what builds a user profile."

My answer is: I guess LinkedIn is pioneering the "successor of (professional) user profile" with 3 specific features:
  1. who you know - your network
  2. recommendations from current and past colleagues
  3. LinkedIn Q&A feature where you can advertize your skills by asking and answering question. from what I understand this is what you call "software usage".

In addition to what's on LinkedIn, as Ronald wrote it, every name can be "googled". That's why in addition to Linkedin Q&A, it's a good practice to participate to forums and publish some papers.


Indian walkins / walk-ins

To get a feeling of the software indian job market it is a good idea to wander in offshore related forums to get a better feeling of what's happening in India.

You will soon notice the word "walk-in" or "walkin". There are plenty of those industrial recruiting events in every big indian city. Here is an example of a recruiting "walkin" exam:

Walkin Interview @ XXXXX in Chennai on 5th to 12th June 2007
Walkin Interview Details:
Date:5-Jun-07 to 12-Jun-07
XXXXX India Pvt Ltd
XX, XXXX Main Road
Chennai - 600058
Contact Person: XXXXX
IT - Microsoft technologies
Software Engineer
Desired Skills
- 2 years hands on experience,, SQL Server 2000.
- Completing tasks with allocated resources. Research and Development as and when required.
- Reporting on progress.
- Documentation and Record keeping
Experience 2 - 6 years
Location Chennai

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