mardi, septembre 23, 2008

other resume/CV formats

Do you want to experiment non-text resumes/CVs?

Video CV, Flyers CV...

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Video CV By Jim Newton:

dimanche, septembre 07, 2008

Linkedin history 2006 - 2008

For a year, number of Linkedin users is going exponential vs time. When I look at number of connections vs network ratio (for myself), it can be seen that people are more and more connected with each other.

I am not inviting any more people as I reached the number of people I am allowed to invite. The growth seen in the green curve (numbers of 1st level connections) is purely passive.

I have received 12 invitations per day for the last year. I am not advertizing my email anymore in my profile as it is now "strictly" forbidden, I mainly receive invitaions from LIONS and toplinked users. By the way, I did not see any diminution in the number of received invitations when removing my email from my profile.

mardi, septembre 02, 2008

Logitech Illuminated Keyboard

I am proud that my team delivered firmware for the new Logitech illuminated keyboard.

I especially appreciate working with this keyboard because it is illuminated. This is useful when you surf on the web or watch a video in the evening and you do not want to be disturbed by anything else than the computer screen.
Something positive is also the fact that you choose the illumination level, as opposed to some automatic ambiant light system which choose the level for you.

This development was a challenge for our swiss team, as we are more specialized in developing wireless keyboards. We had to use a new chip that we had little experience with. The biggest obstacles we encountered was not because of the chip itself, but because of the compiler badly translating the C language to assembly code: "what you write, is not what you get". And this triggered some bugs that we had great difficulties to track and correct.