dimanche, avril 11, 2010

3 most important questions to ask as a recruiter or to answer as a job applicant

 All questions asked during an interview for a job come down to one of the 3 following questions:
  1. Can the person do the work (qualifications)?
  2. Will the person do the work (motivation)?
  3. Will the person fit in company/team (adaptability)? 
The goal of the interview is that the interviewer has a clear view on answers on these 3 questions.

Read details and slightly different views here:
Ms. Sarah Zulfiqar wrote: We look for the following 4 A’s in a candidate:
  • Attitude (behavior and posture)
  • Appearance (attire and expression)
  • Aptitude (skills and talent)
  • Agility (communication skills)
Generally an individual excludes the first 2 A’s and concentrate on the last two. Observing the attitude of the interviewee helps the interviewer to determine if the candidate will fit in the prevailing organizational culture and environment. Appearance indicates interviewee’s interest towards the job and respect for the employer. According to a wise saying “You dress for the person you are going to meet and not for yourself.”

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