lundi, octobre 20, 2008

Innovation Quotes: Setting an innovation friendly environment

"Innovation comes from the producer - not from the customer." W. Edwards Deming

"We need a positive economic agenda that invests in the innovation and growth that will create jobs for middle class families and ensure that America remains the world leader." Rick Larsen

"This is the nature of genius, to be able to grasp the knowable even when noone else recognizes that it is present." Deepak Chopra

"The innovation point is the pivotal moment when talented and motivated people seek the opportunity to act on their ideas and dreams." W. Arthur Porter

"The greatest obstacle to innovation in organizations is the unwillingness to let go of yesterday's successes, and to free up resources that no longer contribute to results." P.Duckler

"The achievement of excellence can only occur if the organization promotes a culture of creative dissatisfaction." Lawrence Miller

"Human societies vary in lots of independent factors affecting their openness to innovation." Jared Diamond

"Innovation is this amazing intersection between someone's imagination and the reality in which they live. The problem is, many companies don't have great imagination, but their view of reality tells them that it's impossible to do what they imagine." Ron Johnson

"Mindless habitual behavior is the enemy of innovation." Rosabeth Moss Kanter

"Ideas, like young wine, should be put in storage and taken up again only after they have been allowed to ferment and to ripen." Richard Strauss

"It is the responsibility of leadership to provide opportunity, and the responsibility of individuals to contribute." William Pollard

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity - not a threat”

"The only thing that makes people and organizations great is their willingness to be not great along the way. The desire to fail on the way to reaching a bigger goal is the untold secret of success" Seth Godin

“Orville Wright did not have a pilot’s license.” Gordon MacKenzie

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