jeudi, août 14, 2008

LotusNotes vs Sharepoint

One of my job related questions is: "How long am I going to (suffer from?) using LotusNotes everyday?". Here are some various feedbacks that I got when asking:

"SharePoint is fast becoming the next IBM Lotus Notes — and not in a good way. For years people implemented Lotus Notes databases like crazy, seeing them as the best way to store and share information. Now you hear more about moving all the content and data into SharePoint. But what’s the point if you are just going from one messy datastore into another?"

Move Over Lotus Notes, SharePoint is Filling Yer Shoes
Has anyone migrated from Sharepoint to LotusNotes?
What is the future of Lotus Notes?

My (temporary) conclusion is if you're using LotusNotes and a reasonable part of your co-worker is not overly dissatisfied working with it: keep using it.

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