lundi, juin 09, 2008

Logitech Cordless Desktop® EX 100: a product I am proud of

Here is (yet another) Logitech product I am proud of:

I am proud of this keyboard because first of all I like to use it for my daily work. Though I have the opportunity to use all keyboards we are developing at Logitech Switzerland, I like the simplicity, comfort and ease of use of it, especially for it's low-cost price point. I can only recommend it to you.

I am also proud of this keyboard because it has been developed by a junior engineer coming out of school. The embedded software developed for this keyboard is 90% legacy code, and seasoned engineers do not enjoy working on legacy code as much as when they are doing completely new development. This is why I assigned this job to a beginner. She successfully stayed focused on the development of this keyboard and all issues occuring, especially when communicating with development teams in China.

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