mercredi, juin 13, 2007

Indian walkins / walk-ins

To get a feeling of the software indian job market it is a good idea to wander in offshore related forums to get a better feeling of what's happening in India.

You will soon notice the word "walk-in" or "walkin". There are plenty of those industrial recruiting events in every big indian city. Here is an example of a recruiting "walkin" exam:

Walkin Interview @ XXXXX in Chennai on 5th to 12th June 2007
Walkin Interview Details:
Date:5-Jun-07 to 12-Jun-07
XXXXX India Pvt Ltd
XX, XXXX Main Road
Chennai - 600058
Contact Person: XXXXX
IT - Microsoft technologies
Software Engineer
Desired Skills
- 2 years hands on experience,, SQL Server 2000.
- Completing tasks with allocated resources. Research and Development as and when required.
- Reporting on progress.
- Documentation and Record keeping
Experience 2 - 6 years
Location Chennai

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Offshore Software Development a dit…

yes, you are right India is leading country in offshore software development.
Software development company

David a dit…

Just wanted to know if freshers can also apply for the position.

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